A Rare 10 Dips! One more to go…

It is incredibly important to us to find a cure for cystinosis. We want to raise vital funds and bring some fun at the same time so Denise is going to do 10 Rare Dips in the Irish Sea to #ShowOurRare.  She might even share some photos afterwards!  Denise will do her swims between now and the end of October – let’s hope the weather remembers it’s autumn and not yet winter.

We would really appreciate your support and any amount helps, so please give what you can. All of the public fundraising that comes in to Cystinosis Ireland goes to research into this condition, and family support.   If you would like to donate to Denise’s 10 Rare Dips challenge, just click this link and add “Denise’s Dips” in the fundraiser field.

If you have any ideas for your own Rare 10-whatever, get in touch! [email protected]