Call for Abstracts for the 7th Annual Dublin Cystinosis Workshop – 20th May 2021, online

Cystinosis Ireland is proud to announce that the 7th Annual Dublin Cystinosis Workshop
will be held on line on Thursday 20 May 2021 

(workshop agenda and registration details to follow soon)

This is a closed workshop.

Participation is by invitation or via this call for abstracts. 

Cystinosis Ireland invites researchers of any aspect of cystinosis research to submit abstracts for consideration by the scientific committee to give an oral presentation of their latest research findings at the upcoming Virtual 7th Annual Dublin Cystinosis Workshop 2021.

This year the aims of the cystinosis research presentations at the DCW workshop are to:

(i) provide short very focused research updates on specific aspects of various cystinosis research efforts


(ii) present novel/exploratory cystinosis research directions that are being undertaken.  

The deadline for abstract submissions is Friday 26 March 2021.

Abstracts should be submitted by email to [email protected] with “DCW2021 Abstract Submission” included in the subject line.

Please note that abstracts must adhere to the submission guidelines (see abstract submission guidelines below).

Researchers submitting abstracts must be able to commit to the Cystinosis Ireland timetable (see timetable below) which requires speakers to submit their presentation slides in advance and to do a trial run of the presentation using the zoom conference facilities.  This is to ensure the smooth running of the conference on the 20 May 2021 and that researchers keep to the strict presentation time limits.

A maximum of two abstracts may be submitted by any individual researcher.


The Scientific Committee of the 7th Annual Dublin Cystinosis Workshop 2021 invites all researchers with an interest in cystinosis research to submit an abstract on any research topic relevant to the understanding, cure, treatment or care management of cystinosis for consideration to speak at the Virtual 7th Annual Dublin Cystinosis Workshop 2021.   

Early stage postdoctoral researchers and PhD candidates and researchers that are new to the field of cystinosis are particularly encouraged to submit an abstract. 

We are also encourage submissions from researchers who are not working directly in cystinosis field but who may be researching other diseases, genes and/or scientific methodologies whose research may be relevant or applicable to cystinosis.

Researchers of selected abstracts will be asked to give a 7 minute oral presentation on their research, with 3 minutes for questions.


Abstracts should be submitted to [email protected] as a word document and structured as follows:
  • A descriptive title in Bolded Times New Roman 12 point.
  • The initials and surname of the author(s) without titles or degrees should appear below the title.
  • The department(s), institution(s) and city(ies)/town(s) should be listed next.
  • Please state if the research being submitted in the abstract falls under the “research update” heading or the “novel/exploratory research” heading.
  • A lay-oriented description of the research that you wish to present (250 words max)
  • A scientific abstract which should be of the informative type addressing the following points (500 words max):
    • What are the research results you wish to present? or
    • What is the new research direction that you wish to present?
    • What is the significance of the results or the new research direction?
    • Outline any relevant research methodology or hypothesis being used or proposed
    • If relevant, present the results of the research or preliminary results if available.
    • Where to next?
  • The text should be single spaced.
  • The font should be Times New Roman 12 Point.
The abstract may include no more than one table or figure.
  • When using abbreviations, spell out the full name on first mention. Avoid excessive use of abbreviations.
  • Up to two references can be included.
  • Potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed.
In your abstract (and any subsequent presentation), we encourage researchers to be frank and to include what has gone wrong/not worked as well as what has gone right/worked well.


Researchers submitting abstracts must be able to commit to this timetable to ensure the smooth running of the virtual workshop. 

10 March 2021   Call for abstracts issued
26 March 2021   Abstract submission deadline
16 April 2021      Communication of selection decisions to researchers
30 April 2021      Submission of presentation slides to Cystinosis Ireland
w/c 4 May and 10 May 2021  Trial runs of presentations on zoom*
(*specific times will be agreed with researchers)

DCW event day in other time zones
1245-2000 Central European time
0345-1200 Pacific time USA
0445-1300 Mountain time USA
0545-1400 Central time, USA
0645-1500 East Coast USA
2245-0600 (21 May) New Zealand


The Professor Roz Anderson Prize for the best 7 minute oral research presentation will be awarded at the Workshop.

The competition for best presentation will be adjudicated by panel of judges including scientists, clinicians and members of Cystinosis Ireland.

The winner will win a €200 cash prize as well as an invitation to present their research at the next Dublin Cystinosis Workshop in 2022.

The Professor Roz Anderson Prize is awarded by Cystinosis Ireland in memory of the late Professor Roz Anderson, University of Sunderland, who passed away in 2018. Professor Anderson was an exceptional researcher who dedicated her life to finding a cure for cystinosis.  Her research legacy continues on under the leadership of Professor Herbie Newell.