Photo of Dr Roisin O'Flaherty

Dr O’Flaherty’s research interests lies in protein glycosylation towards advancement of Human Health. To date, she has published 36 high impact peer-reviewed papers with a focus on arthritis, cancer and metabolic disorders. For the main focus of her research, she uses chemical tools to solve complex biological questions and her particular expertise lies in probing and utilising glycosylation for human health research and biopharmaceutical characterization. Glycosylation is intrinsic to virtually every physiological process and can alter the structure and function of therapeutic proteins. As such, glycan characterization and design is hugely important. The approaches she uses involves bioconjugation of glycans to fluorescent tags and visualization by liquid chromatography. Subtle changes in glycosylation can be used as a diagnostic tool for human health discovery. More recently, she has incorporated chemoenzymatic approaches to alter glycosylation of therapeutics to elicit desirable physiological functions. This is useful for the biopharmaceutical industry for the design of next generation biotherapeutics. She is particularly interested in translational research. She was part of a team to successfully ICH validate and gain INAB accreditation for a glycoanalytical technology in the Mater Hospital for Classical Galactosaemia.