Virtual International Cystinosis Family Conference 2020 – playback 

The Virtual International Cystinosis Family Conference 2020 was recorded as it was presented and translated into 7 languages – Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.  The presentations in all languages are available on the Cystinosis Ireland YouTube channel.  Click on the presentation title or language listed below to view/listen back.

The videos have time stamp information in the video description to bring you to the relevant speaker.  If you would like to watch the accompanying slides, please use the corresponding English video, but mute it and play your own language in a separate tab.

Unfortunately due to a technical error, some of the English language videos did not record correctly on the day.  Where possible we have provided re-recordings or similar videos. We apologise for this and hope it will not cause any problems for viewers.

If you have any queries about the videos, please contact [email protected].


Sessions 1 – 5

Prof Stephanie Cherqui (published by Cystinosis Research Foundation, US)

Dr Siobhan MacHale

Prof Herbie Newell

Expert Panel Session