Cystinosis Ireland, a member of the Irish Donor Network, warmly welcomes the passage of the Human Tissue Bill 2022 through the Dail.  The Bill will now go to the Seanad for consideration.  The passage of the Human Tissue Bill 2022 will allow for better regulation of human tissue use in Ireland and provides a comprehensive legal framework for the donation of organs for transplantation, including introducing “soft opt-out”.  Organ (specifically kidney) donation is a crucial element of therapy for people living with cystinosis and is life-saving. “At the end of July  2023, more than 400 people were on the waiting list for kidney transplant*, an important therapy for cystinosis patients. This Bill has the potential to change the lives of those patients,” said Mick Swift, chair of Cystinosis Ireland.

Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly noted “this Bill is about respect – respect for the generosity of donors, respect for the dignity of the deceased, and respect for the trust which the public places in the healthcare system. We look forward to the positive impact this legislation will have on the lives of patients waiting for transplants and on the advancement of medical science in Ireland.”

Cystinosis Ireland looks forward to the passage of the Bill through the Oireachtas at the earliest opportunity.