Cystinosis Seedcorn Funding Scheme

The Cystinosis Ireland Seedcorn Funding Scheme aims to provide researchers with the opportunity to test new research ideas and/or to generate solid preliminary data which would contribute to a larger, sustainable, longer-term research application for funding.

Researchers who are new to the field of cystinosis are particularly welcome to apply.  This includes postdoctoral researchers as long as their contract of employment allows them to perform the work proposed and extends for the duration of the funded project.

We also welcome applications from researchers in scientific fields other than Biosciences and Clinical Sciences where there is potential impact or application of the proposed research that is relevant to patients and families living with cystinosis.  This includes scientists in the social sciences, engineering and other disciplines.

We are particularly open to new, high-risk, blue-sky applications and will consider these favourably.  (Applicants should highlight this in their application)

In particular, this seedcorn fund may be used to develop research proposals for submission to other larger research funding schemes including in particular a future HRCI-HRB Joint Funding Scheme.

Although typical projects considered by Cystinosis Ireland for seedcorn funding tend to be in the region of €10,000.  However, we occasionally consider applications that are for larger amounts of funding where the project is well justified and is particularly relevant to patients and families living with cystinosis.

All research proposals are subject to peer review.

  • Funding available:                            €10,000 per project (more where justified)
  • Duration of projects:                        2-6 months (longer where justified)
  • Closing date for applications:        3 calls annually (deadlines: 30 November, 31 March, 31 August each year)
  • Application Form
  • Review Criteria
  • Award Terms and Conditions

Applications should be submitted to [email protected]

Researchers interested in this scheme can also email [email protected] to discuss potential applications.

Some projects funded through this scheme are jointly funded in partnership with our colleagues in Cystinosis Foundation UK and Cystinosis Research Network USA.