The Dublin Cystinosis Workshop is an annual interactive forum for researchers to share knowledge, spark new ideas and explore new research approaches aimed at better understanding and treating cystinosis.

How it Works

The Dublin Cystinosis Workshop is the only such annual scientific workshop in Europe focused on cystinosis. The aim of the workshop is to share new research developments in the area of cystinosis and to stimulate discussions and collaborations that can convert new ideas into real research that moves the cystinosis research field forward. To find out more, please email us at

Topics & Speakers

Topics presented at the workshop cover the spectrum of basic through to translational research. In particular, researchers who have been funded by or have applied to Cystinosis Ireland for funding are encouraged to present their research at the workshop.

The Professor Roz Anderson Memorial prize is awarded annually for the best scientific presentation of research at the meeting.

Workshop News

Workshops, News 13/05/2024

Prof Roz Anderson Memorial Prize winnner 2024

Cystinosis Ireland is delighted to announce the winner of the 10th Annual Dublin Cystinosis Workshop, Professor Roz Anderson Memorial Awardto Sante Princiero Berlingerio of KU Leuven, Belgium presenting his work “Targeting oxidative stress-driven lipid peroxidation improves podocyte dysfunction in cystinosis”.